Born 1978, New Zealand
Lives and works Berlin

2000 BFA
2009 MFA, University Of Canterbury

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2008 Last Stop Before Timelessness, Whitespace
Gallery Auckland New Zealand

2007 Losing The War on Images, Whitespace
Gallery, Auckland New Zealand

2007 History Will Be Kind To Me, Brooke Gifford Gallery Christchurch New Zealand

2006 Home Before Dark, Whitespace Gallery,
Auckland, New Zealand

2006 Don't Believe the Hype, Brooke Gifford Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand

2005 Vitamin P, Mark Woolley Gallery,
Portland, OR, United States

2014 Busy As Hell, Jonathan Smart Gallery ,
Christchurch New Zealand.

2014 Exodus Teapot Gallery,
Cologne Germany

2011 Paths of The Destroyer,
Galleria Poggiali e Forconi, Florence Italy

2011 Liste 16 Peres Projects Art Basel,

2011 When I Roll, I Roll Deep, Peres
Projects Kreuzberg Berlin Germany

2009 All Bets Are Off, Jonathan Smart Gallery,
Christchurch New Zealand

2009 These Are Not Dark Days, Buia Gallery,
New York NY United States

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2009 Cloud 9, Christchurch Public Gallery,
Christchurch New Zealand

2009 Lynchmob, Kollektiv-Berlin,
HBC Berlin Germany|

2009 High Way Child, curated by Emilie Trice,
Kollektiv-Berlin, Berlin, Germa

2011 The Dicks, Teapot Gallery
Cologne Germany

2010 Art Barter, HBC Berlin

2010 In Fifteen Minutes Everybody Will Be Famous,
Tape Modern Berlin Germany

Zabludowicz Collection, London
Martin Sosnoff Collection, New York